Greeters Ministry

Ministry Meeting Date: 3rd Saturday of each month at 9:30 AM.

Ministry Officers:

  • Chair : Linda Fleming
  • Co-chair:  Sandra Rice
  • Chaplain:  Sheila Overton
  • Secretary:  Karen Wright

Active Members: Please see roster

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Greeters Ministry is to make everyone feel welcome whenever they attend Mount Olive Baptist Church. Our goal is to create a hospitable and caring community of fellow Christians by showing God’s love through each of us.

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Greeters Ministry is to be intentional about making a difference in the lives of our visitors, church family and friends as we embrace our Core Value of “Radical Hospitality” by demonstrating the love of Christ. This is accomplished by greeting and providing assistance to each member and friend as they enter to worship, during the worship service (Welcome), and as they exit the service ensuring that they have enjoyed their worship experience. This is accomplished by personally greeting each visitor and returning visitor to answer any questions they might have while making them feel welcomed.

List of Activities/Events/Programs:

New Members Reception, Ministry Fair, VBS, Family and Friends Day, Usher/Greeter Anniversary (September), Thanksgiving Day Committee. Greeters serve and participate in Special Services and Events for other ministries as well as all worship services.

Ushers & Greeters Anniversary, October 30th

The Greeters Ministry demonstrate Radical Hospitality & give tours for our first time and returning visitors


Greeters Ministry Roster 2013

  1. Diane Ashby
  2. Michele Atkinson
  3. Betty Barrett
  4. Brenda Baskfield
  5. Roslyn Bolden
  6. Diane Christiani
  7. Wailya Cisse
  8. Sabriya Casson
  9. Darrell Casson
  10. Selena Cooper
  11. Catherine Crump
  12. Linda Fleming (Co-Chair)
  13. Presepine Fleming (Sep)
  14. Mary Gay
  15. Angela Best Gregg (Chair)
  16. Helen Gunn
  17. Sharon Guy
  18. Margaret Harris
  19. Marian Hewlett
  20. Brittani Jackson
  21. Carolyn Jackson
  22. Donna Jefferson
  23. Leland Lewis
  24. Dondre Oliver
  25. Jane Oxendine
  26. Joanne Pyndell
  27. Karen Robinson
  28. Veronica Robinson
  29. LaTosha Day-Stokes
  30. Diane Taylor
  31. Victoria Taylor (Secretary)
  32. Joy Walton
  33. Janice Whitaker
  34. Brenda White
  35. Karen Wright
  36. Shevon Barton
  37. Fulvia(Jean) Collins
  38. Jena McGrady