Trustee Ministry

Ministry Meeting Date: First Tuesday of each month

Ministry Officers:

  • Chair :      Trustee James Debnam
  • Co-chair:  Trustee
  • Chaplain:  Trustee
  • Secretary: Trustee

Active Members:

  1. Reamous Gunn
  2. Eric Smith
  3. Henry Williams
  4. James Debnam
  5. Robin Roane
  6. Lloyd Jackson
  7. Eugene Mallory
  8. Mary Corbin
  9. Alfred Smith
  10. James Jackson
  11. Raymond Mitchell
  12. Harold Lawson
  13. Betty Barrett
  14. Naomi Cash
  15. Dorothy Robinson
  16. Charles Bigby

Mission Statement: Our mission is to serve Christ and the Mount Olive Baptist Church Congregation by being good stewards over the church’s property and financial resources.

Vision Statement: It is the vision of the Trustee Ministry for the church to be mortgage free and to provide the necessary resources for other ministries to carry out their visions.

List of Activities/Events/Programs:

The Trustee Ministry does not have any activities/events/programs scheduled at this time.